The Alleviator® Dealer Information

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Peter Pappas, founder of Pappas Products and developers of the Alleviator Shut-Off Valve. Since the company’s inception, our Alleviator has been through an evolution of refinement. Our focus on engineering and manufacturing techniques has improved the Alleviator’s performance and reliability to a level unmatched by any industry standard. Recently, I have taken the Alleviator back under my supervision, in an effort to maximize its great potential. I hope you also see the Alleviator’s value, and I would like to thank you for your support in growing our loyalty base.

As a current distributor, I welcome you to give us a call to discuss co-op marketing, literature updates, and in-store display materials to improve your Alleviator™ sales opportunities.

If you are new to the Alleviator, I would like to invite you to join our team as an authorized Alleviator™ re-seller. As another season approaches, our marketing program is preparing to target your customers, as we know that they will benefit from the Alleviator. With outside water access 24/7/365, your customers will see efficiency improvements through:

  • Increased Serviceability – Full scheduling control.
  • Improved Response – No waiting for customer callbacks.
  • Faster Winterizations – Close systems faster to lengthen the installation season.
  • Reduced Administration – No more calling customers to shut water off.
  • Efficiency Improvements– Increased profitability in field service.

The Alleviator is a unique irrigation valve that eliminates tedious, time consuming, and costly system maintenance scheduling. With the Alleviator, the irrigation contractor can now access the system’s water supply from OUTSIDE the customer’s home or building.

Pappas Products research and design team developed the Alleviator to save the customer and contractor both time and money. Having outside access to an irrigation system’s water control is beneficial to the customer by providing freedom from the usual hassles associated with internal contractor access. As actual irrigation contractors we have designed this product to provide system service at any given time allowing for efficient scheduling and emergency service that will meet contractors’ needs as well as the needs of their customers.

No more customer scheduling headaches, no more wasted trips, no more wasted money, NO MORE HASSLES!

As an added benefit, the Alleviator will prevent system freeze-ups in colder climates, providing peace of mind for contractors and their customers throughout the long winter season. The easy-to-install Alleviator has been proven to be 100% reliable and cost effective. The Alleviator makes the contractor money year after year by streamlining his operation.

As you can see, the Alleviator is more than just a valve. The benefits of incorporating the Alleviator in each system are undeniable. This built-in, residual profit center offered by the Alleviator warrants immediate action. Please call Pappas Products today for more information at 1-877-834-9119. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Alleviator® irrigation shut-off valve opens the door to more convenience for your customers with fewer hassles and more profits for contractors like you.

Alleviator Facts and Specifications